Overview of Atlas Drilling

Since its incorporation in 1988, Atlas Drilling has amassed the equipment and personnel to drill virtually anywhere, in any kind of rock. Our team of specialists - led by second-generation driller Jamie Lyons as well as Jeff Cleveland, - has worked in most countries around the world and in almost every imaginable set of conditions. That experience and our industry-leading collection of drills and support equipment allows us to produce quality core with the smallest possible economic and environmental footprint.

We are committed to supporting the communities in the areas in which we work, and we constantly strive to improve safety process: , Atlas Drilling insures that their crew has valid first aid cretificates and transportation endorsement . Crews working on drills with towers are trained in fall arrest. As of May 1st 2009 we have a common core trainer. Atlas Drilling is a member of the CDDA Western Safety Group and we are constantly working to improve our safety programs and performance. We have zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs on the worksite. Our safety record shows the results: we have had no serious injuries.

Versatility, experience, intelligence, and tenacity: Atlas Drilling has the resources to produce success, not just core.

Leading collection of drills and support equipment.